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NOTE: all students must complete an online orientation through the course's Carmen site

Instructor for Spring Semester:
   Bethany Richetti
Carmen Taleghani-Nikazm - Director of Undergraduate German Language Instruction


General Information and FAQ


NOTE: all students must complete an online orientation through the course's Carmen site.

I.I. Center Hours

The hours of the Individualized Language Learning Center can be found on the World Media and Culture Center webpage. The telephone number is 614-292-7060.

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Materials are available at campus bookstores or online. It pays to compare prices!  Please note that books bought online are not returnable. Books purchased at campus bookstores generally cost more but if you have your original receipt, the books can be returned if you have not used them. 

If you wish to purchase materials online:

Klett USA
You can order the Berliner Platz1 Neu and Berliner Platz 2 Neu in one specially priced shrink-wrapped package (Student Pack PLUS)

International Book Import Service
You can buy the components separately here (does not offer the Student Pack PLUS)




Program Description

German Individualized Instruction is an alternative to the classroom track. Students work at their own pace in this program.

Progress is sequential from one credit hour to the next, with proficiency at the level of 80% required for advancement.

In addition to a requirement of 80% proficiency, students are also required to attend conversation groups, have their homework checked by one of the I.I. instructors, complete and have a self-test checked by an instructor, and take an oral, listening and written test for each unit. At the 1103 level, a writing assignment is also required, for which students must complete 2 drafts.

We make every effort possible to accommodate non-traditional students and students who prefer one-to-one tutoring.

What is German Individualized Instruction?

The Department of German at OSU offers you two ways to complete elementary and intermediate courses. In addition to the traditional classroom track, we have the German Individualized Instruction Program. Our offerings consist of German 1101, 1102, 1103.

The goals of the individualized and classroom track are the same: you should achieve a certain degree of proficiency in the four basic language skills (speaking, listening, writing, and reading). However, there are some differences in the way the Individualized Program helps you attain these goals.


In I.I. you set your own pace of learning. Each unit will guide you step by step through the program. DON'T FORGET THAT YOU NEED TO WORK REGULARLY WITH THE LANGUAGE IN ORDER TO MASTER THE MATERIAL SUCCESSFULLY! We suggest that you come into the Learning Center at least once a week.


There are few deadlines due to the nature and the flexibility of this program. The most important deadline is the first unit deadline. If you leave your first written test for the last three days before the deadline, due to the intensity of the instructors' work load during this week, we cannot guarantee that it will be corrected and graded in time for you to retake it before the deadline, should you score below 80%. For special policies for the last several weeks of the semester, please consult the schedule.


The number of credit hours you earn depends on your learning pace. Only students finishing a course (with the intention of not returning to the I.I. Program) or those enrolled through the CED, Program 60, or other special programs may register for one credit.


To earn credit for a unit and to be allowed to continue to the next one, you must demonstrate an 80% level of competence on each of the components of the unit. Your mastery of the material in 1101 - 1102 is measured by an Oral Test, a Listening Test, and a Written Test. For 1103 there is also an essay to write. The homework/self test exercises form an integral part of each unit and must be presented to the instructor for a checkmark. Without this, you may not take the unit tests.

You will only be assigned a final grade at the end of the semester if you have completed all sections of all units for which you have contracted. A unit is complete if you have scored a minimum of 80% on all sections. Allow yourself enough time at the end of the semester in case you need to retake your last unit tests. (Remember: you may only take one written, listening, and oral test during Finals Week.) If you do not complete ALL sections of every unit you have contracted for with a minimum of 80%, you will receive a failing grade for the entire course.

You must complete all (oral, written, speaking, homework, etc.) requirements for an entire unit before you can go on and be tested on the next one.

If your score on any of the tests is less than 80%, you will have a chance to review the material and retake the test. YOU MAY TAKE EACH TEST UP TO THREE TIMES, but only if you scored less than 80% on the first and second try! If you don't pass a test, you should make an appointment to discuss your mistakes with an instructor. You are not permitted to take your tests out of the I.I Learning Center. If you fail to pass a test on the second try, you will have to discuss learning strategies with your instructor. You may take the third attempt only after having shown that you have improved. Your instructor will tell you if and when you can take the test a third time. After failing a test on the third try, the coordinator or the program director will discuss your options with you. However, most people pass on the first try, or at least on the second.


The classroom for this course is the German I.I. Learning Center, 120 Hagerty Hall; in addition to that, computer labs and anywhere you decide to open your book serve as your "classroom". Only at the Learning Center can you take the tests, get your work corrected, have questions answered, and meet others who are learning German. You are welcome to study in the Center when we are open and you can also listen to CDs there.


In 1103, students are required to write an essay that accounts for 15% of the unit grade. You have the chance to hand in a first draft of your essay. You will get a grade for the first draft and then you will rewrite the essay. When you hand in the essay the second time, the rewrite will be graded, too. The average grade of first and final draft will be your overall grade for the essay.


During the [ tbd ] week of the semester, you have the chance to change the number of credits for which you are enrolled. To change your credit hours, follow these steps:

  • 1. Fill in the forms on World Media and Culture Center Contracts and follow the link there to make a print-out.
  • 2. Make an appointment to come into the German I.I. office in person and tell us if you would like to 1) drop (only possible if you signed up for more than 2 credits), or 2) add credit hours. Contracts cannot be made over the phone - you must come to our office with your form filled out and ready for our signature.
  • 3. You will take your form to your College, and I.I. will keep a copy of your contract in your personal German I.I. file.

NOTE: If you want to completely drop the course during contract week, you must do that through your college adviser. You cannot drop the course by simply dropping to 0 credits on the contract adjustment form. Dropping an entire course will result in the Grade of "W" for the course.

If you want to leave the number of credit hours unchanged, you need to contact your instructor by email or in person. However, the number of credits you contract for during this week (or before) is binding. Failure to sign a contract may cause problems at the end of the semester; an incorrect registration may prevent us from assigning a grade. If you do not finish the number of credits required by your contract, you will receive an "E" for the entire course. You must have shown evidence of intent to complete the unit in order not to receive EN credit.

Making Appointments in German I.I.

In order to see an instructor for any reason, you must make an appointment. Reasons include: oral testing, having the homework or a self test checked, going over a graded written test or essay, participating in a Speaking Check session, needing speaking practice, wanting further help with a particular chapter, needing assistance with administrative issues.

  1. To schedule any appointment, use the scheduler on Carmen Canvas.
  2. Appointment times are offered in thirty-minute blocks. Conversation groups are thirty-minute blocks. You may sign up for no more than 6 appointments per week.
  3. Appointments will begin and end on time. If you are late, you reduce the time you can spend with an instructor, or the instructor may begin working with the person scheduled after you or a student who didn't make an appointment.
  4. If you cannot keep your appointment, you should cancel it 24 hours in advance online, so that another student can take the time slot.
  5. All students who want to discuss their graded test with an instructor must make an appointment.
  6. If you come in, and there are no scheduled appointments or there is a cancellation, you can, of course, see an instructor immediately. So: "Walk-Ins" are always an option--but: appointments have priority!
  7. Please note that the German Individualized Instruction office and the Individualized Language Learning Center have fewer opening hours during finals week. Read your e-mail notices from your instructors and the paper notices posted throughout the Individualized Language Learning Center toward the end of the semester.

Conversation/Speaking Practice Group

Conversation/Speaking groups and Checks provide the opportunity for you to improve your abilities in spoken German and to improve pronunciation. Participation in at least one Speaking Check and Speaking Group per unit is required. Students (1101 through 1103) have to successfully participate in at least one Speaking Group and Check per unit, or else they will be asked to sign up for another Speaking Group, in order to be allowed to attempt the Oral Test.

In order to prepare for a Conversation/Speaking Group, students should have completed most of the exercises and be very familiar with the grammatical topics and goals for each unit. Students will be expected to use the vocabulary and grammar points from the unit with the instructor and the other participants in the Conversation Group. For advanced levels, be prepared to give a short summary of the unit topic(s), in German, of course.