German Individualized Instruction

(614) 292-7060
120 Hagerty Hall, 1775 College Road, OSU Main Campus.

General Information and FAQ


What is German Individualized Instruction?


Textbook Information

NOTE: all students must complete an online orientation through the course's Carmen site

Instructors for Autumn semester:
   Sarah Traylor (.50)
   Budimka Uskokovic (.2)
   Bethany Richetti (.14)
Carmen Taleghani-Nikazm - Director of Undergraduate German Language Instruction


General Information and FAQ


NOTE: all students must complete an online orientation through the course's Carmen site.

I.I. Center Hours

The hours of the Individualized Language Learning Center can be found on the Center for Languages, Literatures, and Cultures webpage. The telephone number is 614-292-7060.

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Materials are available at campus bookstores or online. It pays to compare prices!  Please note that books bought online are not returnable. Books purchased at campus bookstores generally cost more but if you have your original receipt, the books can be returned if you have not used them. 


What is German Individualized Instruction?

German Individualized Instruction allows you to work through Ohio State's three-course introductory German sequence at your own pace. In this course, you will learn to write, read, listen to and speak German on your own schedule, completing work independently with materials and support from your instructor. This course covers the same material as the classroom versions of German 1101.01-1103.01, but has the following important differences:

Mastery-based: Because of the independent nature of language learning in the program, we require that students perform at the level of 80% or better on each graded assignment. If you are not able to score at least an 80% on the exams at the end of each chapter after 3 attempts, we will ask you to drop the course so that you do not receive an E in the course.

Autonomous learning: You are in charge of your learning. You decide how many credits you would like to take in a given term, pace your own work, schedule appointment times and decide when you are ready to take tests.

One-on-one consultation: You will complete the majority of your learning on your own by completing the work in each unit’s learning packet, but you will make appointments with instructors to practice speaking, demonstrate developing understanding of the material, and ask questions.

Flexible credit: One complete course is four credits. Unlike in the classroom, you can complete four credits in one semester or spread them out over two or more semesters.

Flexible meeting times: Appointments are available in the mornings and evenings at least two days a week.

Attendance and Instruction:  The classroom for this course is the Individualized Instruction Learning Center (Hagerty 120); in addition to that, computer labs and anywhere you decide to log on or open your book serve as your "classroom".  The Individualized Instruction Learning Center in Hagerty Hall is the place where you can go to have your work corrected and get feedback, have questions answered, take tests and assessments and meet others who are learning German.