Gary Hayward

Gary Hayward

Gary Hayward

Fiscal/HR Associate


481 Hagerty Hall
1775 College Rd S
Columbus OH

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Areas of Expertise

  • Fiscal
  • Workday
  • P-Card; Procurement
  • Travel arranging
  • Surplus (computer, equipment, etc.)

For any fiscal, procurement, PCard, travel and/or surplus (computer) related questions or concerns please contact Gary.  Please contact Gary before any purchases or commitment of funds has been completed.



As has been communicated, traveling is slowly re-opening and in order to minimize health risks, financial risks, and timing please review the below tips.

  1. Please contact Gary Hayward ( before any travel plans have been made, as he will be able to help navigate the necessary requirements.  Nothing (including conference registration, lodging, airfare, car rental, etc.) should be purchased/expensed prior to talking with Gary. 
  1. Domestic Travel – Gary should be contacted at least four weeks before the desired departure date.
  2. International Travel – Gary should be contacted at least six weeks before the desired departure date.

NOTE: An International Acknowledgement of Understanding Form must be completed and attached to the Spend Authorization before submission.

  1. ONLY fully vaccinated individuals should consider travel.
  2. All CDC travel (Travel | CDC) guidelines should be followed. 
  3. The expectation is for, “Faculty and Staff to exercise prudent fiscal management when considering FY22  travel arrangements to determine whether in-person or virtual attendance will be most effective.”  The full statement can be found here.

NOTE: When choosing in-person attendance when a virtual component is offered will require a definitive reason within the travel business purpose. 

  1. International travel will be completely dependent upon the CDC and US Department of State guidelines. 

VERY IMPORTANT: Each country will have their own set of guidelines (including pre-travel COVID-19 testing, quarantine requirements, etc.).  Country-specific requirements can be viewed at COVID-19 Country Specific Information (

  1. Gary will submit the Spend Authorization (previously known as Travel request or T#) within Workday.  The unit Fiscal Officer (Katie Kotol) and the Unit Chair will need to approve every Spend Authorization. 

Please keep in mind the above is not an all-inclusive list and as we continue to navigate both the pandemic requirements and the Workday nuances there will be changes and a significant learning curve for each of us. 

If you have any questions regarding fiscal and/or travel related issues please do not hesitate to reach out to me. 

Best, Gary