Madelyn (Maddie) Kindig

Madelyn (Maddie) Kindig

Madelyn (Maddie) Kindig

Doctoral Student / on Academic Leave 2021-22

M.A. The Ohio State University (Germanic Languages and Literatures), 2019
B.A. Indiana University (German, History), 2015

Courses Taught
At Ohio State, Columbus, OH:
German 1103.01 - AU20, SP21
German 1102.01 - AU19, SP20
German 2101 - SU19
German 1101.01 - AU15, SP16, AU18, SP19

Courses Taught Abroad
English teacher for Villa Luna Nursery, Prague, CZ, SP17

Research Interests
Critical theory, socialist feminism, Theodor Adorno’s thoughts on education
German-Jewish intellectual history
Representations of women in Holocaust cinema

"Women's Wombs as Weapons: The Importance and Coordination of Motherhood in the Early Years of the Third Reich" in New Views on Gender, Indiana University South Bend Press, 2015
"Brutal, Bloody, and Born to Fight: Russian Women’s Contributions to Combat and Revolution in World War I" in Undergraduate Research Journal of History, Indiana University South Bend Press, 2015

University Service at Ohio State
2020-2021: Treasurer of the GGSA, DC Representative
2019-2020: Vice President of the GGSA, GSC Representative
2018-2019: Social Media Representative for GLL Department
2015-2016: Graduate Student Representative for the Undergraduate Studies Committee

2015-Present: Graduate Teaching Associate, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
2017-2018: English Project Manager at Havas Worldwide, Prague, Czech Republic
2016-2017: Research Assistant, TU Dresden, Dresden, Germany
2014-2015: Intern for Office of International Studies, Indiana University South Bend, South Bend, IN

Experience Abroad
Dresden, Germany: Summer 2019
Prague, Czech Republic: 2017-2018
Dresden, Germany: 2016-2017
Berlin, Germany: Summer 2014
Prague, Czech Republic: Summer 2014