Carolin Mueller

Carolin Mueller

Carolin Mueller

Ph.D. Candidate / Presidential Fellow

Office Hours

2019-20 Presidential Fellow


M.A.   The Ohio State University (German Film), 2016
M.Ed. Technical University of Dresden (Higher Education, English, Art), 2015
B.Ed. Technical University of Dresden (Education, English, Art), 2013




Courses Taught
2017-18  German 1101.01
2017       German 2101      (Dresden Summer Program)
2016-17  German 1102.01 (peer coordination 1102.01)
2015-16  German 1103.01 (peer coordination 1103.01)
2014-15  German 1102.01, 1103.01

Other Teaching/Leadership Experience
2016 Apprenticeship with the Director of Undergraduate German Language Instruction
at the Ohio State University (German 3600)

Research Interests
visual representations of migrant experiences in Germany in film and visual culture
the economization of migrant politics
performance studies
citizenship studies
activism studies
experiences of oppression and flight in Germany
Umberto Eco's semiotics, visual semiotics
intercultural education and digital literacy

Dissertation Topic (in progress)
Investigation of arts-based practices in pro-immigration activism, community projects, and literature to understand how arts-based strategies define specific political spaces in which claims to religion, ethnicity, democracy, and cultural diversity are negotiated.

Study Abroad Experience
Kent State University, Ohio, Fall 2013
Ibn-Khaldun University, Istanbul, Turkey, Summer 2018
Central European University, Budapest, Hungary, Summer 2019
Fellowships, Scholarships and Awards
Ohio State Arts and Humanities Graduate Research Small Grant (2019)
Ohio State Council of Graduate Students Career Development Grant (2019)
Presidential Fellowship, the most prestigious award given by the Graduate School at Ohio State (2019)
Funded attendance at Heidelberg Summer School of Computational Humanities Grant “Mixed Methods in the Making” (2019)
Ohio State Alumni Grant for Graduate Research and Scholarship (2018)
Technical University Dresden Fellowship (2018-2019)
Institute for Democratic Engagement and Accountability Seed Grant (2018)
Mershon Center for International Security Studies 2018-2019 Graduate Student Research Grant (2018)
Graduate Associate Distinguished Teaching Award in the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures, Ohio State (2018)
Ohio State Council of Graduate Students Committee Chair Award For Excellence (2018)
Modern Languages Association Graduate Student Travel Grant ($400)
The Ohio State Ray Travel Award for Service and Scholarship (Fall 2017, $1,000)
Felice M. Grad Scholarship (2017)
The Global Mobility Group Graduate Student Grant (2017)
The Ohio State Ray Travel Award for Service and Scholarship (2017)
Deutschlandstipendium Technical University Dresden (2013-2014)
PROMOS-Scholarship TU Dresden (2013, 2014)

Mueller, Carolin. “Discussing Mobility in Liminal Spaces and Border Zones: An Analysis of Abbas Khider’s Der falsche Inder (2008) and Briefe in die Auberginenrepublik (2013).” Textpraxis (No. 17, 2.2019). (in print)

Müller, Carolin. “Performing Critical Voice: On the Relationship of Citizenship, Belonging, and the Articulation of Contemporary Critiques.” On_Culture: The Open Journal for the Study of Culture 7 (2019).

Mueller, C., Schwarz, Mandy. “Perspectives in German Art Pedagogy.” The International Encyclopedia of Art and Design Education, Richard Hickman (General Editor), John Baldacchino, Kerry Freedman, Emese Hall, and Nigel Meager (Volume Editors). Wiley & Sons, 2019.

Mueller, C. Review of Euro-Visions: Europe in Contemporary Cinema, edited by Mariana Liz.
Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television, 31 March 2017.

Mueller, C. "Raising awareness: Piper Kerman’s Orange is the New Black and the oppression
of women in U.S. Prisons" Hysteria. Eds. Bjork Grue Lidin. London: Hysteria Press Unlimited,
2014. (translation in Tamil forthcoming)

Blog Publication
Mueller, C. “Research Update: ‘Tracing interactions and transformations in contemporary
arts-based protest movements in Germany
’”. The Global Mobility Project: The Ohio State
University, 2017.

see CV for more information on presentations, exhibitions, and service