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Scandinavian 4450

Films of Ingmar Bergman

GE course

Scandinavian 4450 has a dual function: to introduce students to the practice of close-reading/viewing of films and to teach them to view these and all other films as products of cultural ideology. To that end, the students are introduced to the critical vocabulary necessary for film analysis - camera angles, shot duration, shot range (close-up, medium, and long shots), image composition including line and lighting, editing techniques including point-of-view, montage, and sound technique including synchronous and non-synchronous sound, voiceover and extra-diagetic sound. But equally important is the emphasis the course places on film in general and Bergman's films in particular as cultural artifacts that both embody and challenge certain prevalent cultural notions. Specifically, the students are encouraged critically to assess film from a post-modernist and feminist theoretical standpoint, to consider the ways in which dominant culture defines not only how we view films but also how we perceive of human identity, human values, human language and discourse, human relations, and, quite simply, human reality in its widest parameters..

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