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2019 Summer Courselist

Summer 4-week course:

German 2798.02 • Berlin, Then and Now: People, Places, and Experiences

Mergenthaler | 3 credit units | May 8 - June 3, 2019

Students will explore and experience the cosmopolitan and increasingly diverse Berlin by learning about some of the most influential or memorable persons who live or have lived in the city–from its establishment as a capital of the Prussian Kingdom in the 18th century to its present role as capital of a reunified, democratic Germany and a center of European and global politics and culture. GE education abroad and global studies (International Issues successors) course.
* Open only to students who are admitted to participate in the "Berlin, Then and Now: People, Places, and Experiences" Study Abroad Program.


German 1101.51 • 1102.51 • 1103.51  Self-paced Individualized

Distance Learning options - 1101.61 - 1102.61 - 1103.61

GE Foreign Language courses
each course is 4 credit units | 8-week Summer Session 2019 May 8 - June 28

German 2352 • Development of Contemporary Germany: Dresden Yesterday and Today

Spencer | 3 credit units | 8-week Summer Session 2019 (June 4 - August 2)

Introduction to German life and culture, past and present, including the new federal states; taught within summer study abroad program with students experiencing German culture first hand.
GE cultures and ideas and diversity global studies course.
Open only to students who participate in the German Language in Dresden Summer Study Abroad Program.  Admitted students register for German 2352 (3 credits of GE) and 5797 (3 credits), and also for either German 2101 (3 credits) OR German 2102 (3 credits) during the Summer session.
All credits taken in Dresden can be used towards the German major or minor.

German 6101 • Basic German for Graduate Students

Baker | 3 credit units | MWF 9:50am-11:25am / 6-week Summer Session 2019 (May 8 - Jun 17)

The fundamentals of German grammar, as required for the reading of German texts in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities.
Prereq: Grad standing. Not open to students with credit for 571. No audit. Credit does not apply to the minimum hours required for the master's or doctoral degrees.
Text: Jannach's German for Reading Knowledge (6th), isbn 1413033490