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Minor in Scandinavian Studies

Swedish Classes

Swedish 1101 Swedish I — Introduction to language and culture of Sweden with emphasis on the acquisition of basic communication skills in a cultural context. Not open to native speakers of this language. Prereq: Not open to students with credit for 101.01, or to students with 2 or more years of study in this language in high school, except by permission of dept. 
Text: Mål 1 (2007), Althén, Anette. Stockholm: Natur och Kultur

Swedish 1102 Swedish II — Continued development of Swedish language skills and knowledge for effective communication. Emphasis on more advanced language structures and on more nuanced cultural issues. Not open to native speakers of this language. Prereq: Grade of C- or better in 1101. GE for lang course. 
Text: Mål 2 (2007), Althén, Anette. Stockholm: Natur och Kultur

Swedish 1103 Swedish III — Development of skills necessary for the independent use of Swedish.  Discussions, presentations, writing and listening/viewing activities address topics of contemporary Sweden. Prereq: Grade of C- or better in 1102. Not open to native speakers of this language. GE for Lang Course. 
Text: Mål 2 (2007), Althén, Anette. Stockholm: Natur och Kultur

Swedish 2101 — Texts and Contexts: Contemporary Swedish Language, Culture, and Society
Development of communication skills and knowledge about recent social, political, and cultural developments in Sweden through texts, media, and film. Prereq: Grade of C- or better in Swedish 1103. Not open to students with credit for 201. GE for Lang Course. 

Scandinavian Languages



Because of the structure, grammar, and vocabulary of Swedish, students can  get very good at speaking, reading, and understanding Swedish very quickly. (Translation: Swedish is easy.)

Learning Swedish is satisfying way to fulfill OSU‘s language requirement, and small classes guarantee lots of contact with instructors.

Facility in Swedish gives one reading ability – at least! – of Norwegian and Danish, giving you three languages for the price of one.

All of these languages give you access to educational and career opportunities in the Nordic region in fields as diverse as biotech, genetics, environmental sciences, peace studies, energy, design, and architecture, as well as further study in Scandinavian literature, language, culture, history, and archaeology. For a sampling of what’s on in the North, see the Nordic Council’s website.

Swedish is also excellent preparation for studying Old Norse-Icelandic ...

Old Norse-Icelandic

Old Norse-Icelandic

It‘s a workout! Old Norse has all the nutty grammar Swedish doesn‘t.

Old Norse is the classical language of Scandinavia, related to Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish much as Latin is related to French, Spanish, and Italian. It is also the language of our most important sources on Norse Mythology and the Icelandic Sagas. Accordingly, studying Old Norse gives you a look under the hood of all of the Scandinavian offerings at OSU.

Old Norse is a must-have for Anglo-Saxonists, Germanic linguists, Indo-Europeanists, and language geeks. It is a worthy challenge for all who dare.


Old Norse-Icelandic is also excellent preparation for learning Modern Icelandic, the language of Sigur Rós, Björk, Halldór Laxness, and about 330,000 other really interesting people on one of the most geologically active and culturally dynamic countries on the globe.

Our faculty can advise you in finding opportunities to learn Modern Icelandic abroad.

Contact Prof. Kaplan (kaplan.103, 464 Denney Hall ) for information about the Scandinavian Program, our minor, and anything else Nordic.

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