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Major in German

A German major requires you to complete the prerequisite language series (German 1101-1103 or equivalent), followed by 33 credit hours in the categories listed below. No more than 15 transfer/EM units are allowed.

Our advisor for majors and minors is Dr. Spencer in 355 Hagerty Hall. Students can make appointments to meet with Dr. Spencer by calling 614 292-8485 or visiting the office.

Prerequisites (12 units):

  • German 1101 German I or equivalent
  • German 1102 German II or equivalent
  • German 1103 German III or equivalent

Core Requirements /12 credit hours :

  • German 2101  Texts and Contexts I: Contemporary German Language, Culture and Society
    (3 cr.; prerequisite German 1103 or equivalent; taught in German)
  • German 2102  Texts and Contexts II: 20th –Century German Language, History and Culture
    (3 cr.; prerequisite German 2101 or equivalent; taught in German)
  • German 3101  Texts and Contexts III: Historical Perspectives
    (3 cr.; prerequisite German 2102 or equivalent; taught in German)
  • German 2350  Introduction to German Studies
    (3 cr.; taught in English)

Mid-level Requirements (Choose three classes - 9 credit hours):

Prerequisite for all 3000-level topics courses is German 2102

  1. German 3200  Topics in German Literature, Art and Film
    (3 cr.; taught in German)
  2. German 3300  Topics in German Culture Studies, Social and Intellectual History
    (3 cr.; taught in German)
  3. German 3600  Topics in German Language and Linguistics 
    (3 cr.; taught in German)
  4. Either German 3602  German for the Professions 1 OR German 3603  Translation 1 
    (3 cr.; taught in German)
  5. German 3102  News and Views: Conversations about Current Issues in the German-Speaking World
    (3 cr.; taught in German)

Advanced Requirements / 6 credit hours :

  1. German 4xxx– Choose two from this group; one must be in German
    • German 4x00 Senior Seminar in German (German) (3 cr.; prerequisite German 3101 and one further 3000-level course or permission of instructor, sr. standing; taught in German):
    • German 4200 German Literature, Art and Film
    • German 4300 German Culture Studies, Social and Intellectual History
    • German 4600 German Linguistics/Language
    • German 4602 German for the Professions II
    • German 4603 Translation II
  2. German 4x50 Senior Seminar in German Studies (English) (3 cr.; prerequisite jr. or sr. standing; taught in English):
    • German 4250 German Literature, Art and Film
    • German 4350 German Culture Studies, Social and Intellectual History
    • German 4650 German Language and Linguistics

Electives / 6 credit hours :

You may fulfill your 6 cr.-hour elective requirement by completing TWO of the following options. Only one of your selections may be a course taught in English (E). Courses with GE designation can be used to fulfill either the elective category or the GE category, but not both (for single majors only. Double and multiple majors, please consult with the Advisor).

  • An additional 3000-level course taught in German

  • An additional 4000-level course or seminar taught in German

  • One additional 4x50 seminar taught in English (E)


  • German 2193  Individual Studies
  • German 2250 Berlin: Stories, Languages, and Ideas (E) (GE)
  • German 2251  German Literature and Popular Culture (E) (GE)
  • German 2253  Magic, Murder and Mayhem (E) (GE)
  • German 2254  Grimms' Fairy Tales and their Afterlives (E) (GE)
  • German 2310  Nature in Nordic and Germanic Literature (E) (GE)
  • German 2256 Fan Fiction: From Homer to Harry Potter (E) (GE)
  • German 2367  German Literature and American Culture (E) (GE)
  • German 2451  Hollywood and Germany: Exiles & Émigrés (E) (GE)
  • German 3102 News and Views: Conversations about Current Issues in the German-Speaking World (German)
  • German 3252.01 or .02 The Holocaust in Literature and Film (E) (GEN)
  • German 3254H Representations and Memory of the Holocaust in Film (E) (GEN)
  • German 3317 Black Identity and Culture in German-Speaking Europe (E) (GEN)
  • German 3351 Democracy, Fascism, and German Culture (E) (GEN)
  • German 3352 The Development of Contemporary Germany (E) (GEN)   *Study Abroad 
  • German 3353H German Intellectual History: Marx, Nietzsche, and Freud (E) (GE)
  • German 3798.02  Berlin, Then and Now: People, Places, and Experiences (E) (GEN) *Study Abroad
  • German 3999H Honors Undergraduate research project


  • German 4191 Internship in German
  • German 4252 Masterpieces of German Literature (E) (GE)
  • German 4998 Undergraduate Research Projects
  • German 4998H Honors Undergraduate Research Projects
  • German 4999 Undergraduate Research Thesis
  • German 4999H Honors Undergraduate Research Thesis
  • German 5193 Individual Studies
  • German 5797 Study at a Foreign Institute
  • German 5798 Study Tour