The Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures offers courses in German language, culture and literature. Students can complete their GE language requirement by enrolling in our German language sequence. For those students who are interested in continuing to more advanced levels of language and culture instruction, we offer a German minor and a German major. We also offer a wide variety of GE courses on German cultural and literary themes taught in English.

A handful of Euro in Berlin

For more information about beginning German language classes, please contact Prof. Taleghani-Nikazm 

Beginning Language Program 
German 1101.01 / 1102.01 / 1103.01
DL option: 
1101.02 / 1102.02 / 1103.02

Individualized Instruction Program in German (self-paced)
1101.51 / 1102.51 / 1103.51

For more information about the German major or minor, please contact Dr. Spencer.

Are you an adult student who wants to take German or Swedish language courses but are not interested in earning a degree from Ohio State? For full details, check out the ODEE webpage.