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Chair, Faculty

Robert C. Holub
Ohio Eminent Scholar, Professor, and Chair
340 Hagerty Hall


Matthew H. Birkhold
Associate Professor
328 Hagerty Hall
Katra A. Byram
Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies
330 Hagerty Hall
John E. Davidson
427 Hagerty Hall
Jeff Frazier
425 Hagerty Hall
Anna A. Grotans
Associate Professor
419 Hagerty Hall
Barbara A. Heck
415 Hagerty Hall
Steven Joyce
Associate Professor
317 Ovalwood Hall
Merrill Kaplan
Associate Professor and Director of Scandinavian Studies
on sabbatical 2021-22
May Mergenthaler
Associate Professor
On research leave from September 1, 2020 to February 28, 2022.
Visiting Scholar
Wooster campus, 105 Thorne Hall Annex
Paul Reitter
Professor, Director of Graduate Studies
336 Hagerty Hall
Kevin A. Richards
Lecturer / Outreach Coordinator
423 Hagerty Hall
Andy Spencer
Undergraduate Advising Coordinator
355 Hagerty Hall
Carmen Taleghani-Nikazm
Professor, Director of Undergraduate German Language Instruction
438 Hagerty Hall

Faculty - Affiliated

Philip Armstrong
Comparative Studies, Professor
Arved Ashby
School of Music, Professor
Naomi Brenner
Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, Associate Professor
John Brooke
History, ASC Distinguished Professor
Lesley Ferris
Theatre, ASC Distinguished Professor
Lisa Florman
History of Art, Professor
Yossi Galron
University Libraries, Professor
Philip  Gleissner
Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures, Assistant Professor
Matt Goldish
History, Professor
Fritz Graf
Classics, Distinguished University Professor
J. Ronald Green
History of Art, Professor Emeritus
Julia Jorati
Philosophy, Associate Professor
Robin Judd
History, Associate Professor
Stephen Kern
History, Humanities Distinguished Professor
Ethan Knapp
English, Associate Professor
Björn Köhnlein
Linguistics, Associate Professor
Robert E. Livingston
Comparative Studies, Senior Lecturer
Leslie Lockett
English, Associate Professor
Benjamin McKean
Political Science, Assistant Professor
Jennifer Mitzen
Political Science, Associate Professor
Leslie C. Moore
Teaching & Learning and Linguistics, Associate Professor
Michael Neblo
Political Science, Professor
Dorothy Noyes
English, Professor
Christopher Otter
History, Associate Professor
Johanna Sellman
Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, Assistant Professor
Lisa Shabel
Philosophy, Associate Professor
Amy Shuman
English, Professor
Ryan Skinner
School of Music, Associate Professor
Inés Valdez
Political Science, Associate Professor
Julia Watson
Comparative Studies, Professor Emerita, Academy Professor

Faculty – Emeritus

Graduate Students

Master's Student / University Fellow
Ulrike Baur
Doctoral Student / GTA
Hagerty Hall
Master's Student / Max Kade First-year Fellow
Hagerty Hall
Kassi  Burnett
Ph.D. Candidate / GTA
Hagerty Hall
Caleb Davis
Doctoral Student / GTA
Hagerty Hall
Meaghann Dynes
Doctoral Student / GTA
Hagerty Hall
Madelyn (Maddie) Kindig
Doctoral Student / on Academic Leave 2021-22
Joshua Kramer
Doctoral Student / GTA
Hagerty Hall
Tricia Pelkington
Doctoral Student / GTA
Hagerty Hall
Ann Sophie Roehm
Doctoral Student / GTA
Hagerty Hall
Budimka Uskokovic
Ph.D. Candidate / Max Kade Dissertation Fellow
Hagerty Hall


Fiscal/HR Associate
481 Hagerty Hall
Katie Kotol
Fiscal/HR Manager
Hagerty Hall 446
Natascha Miller
Academic Program Coordinator, Web Editor
498-D  Hagerty Hall