Anna A. Grotans

Anna A. Grotans

Anna A. Grotans

Associate Professor

419 Hagerty Hall
1775 S. College Road
Columbus OH

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Areas of Expertise

  • Medieval German Studies
  • Germanic Philology
  • Paleography



PhD, University of Minnesota; MA, University of Toronto; University of Bonn, University of Vienna

Associate Professor of German

Chair of Germanic Languages and Literatures, 2008-2012; Acting Chair 2004-2005.

Associate Director, Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 2000-2004; Acting Director 1999-2000.

Specializations: Medieval German Studies; Old High German; Paleography; Historical Linguistics; Medieval Pedagogy; Linguistic Historiography.

Books: Classica et Beneventana (ed. with Frank T. Coulson; Brepols, 2008); Living Dangerously: On the Margins in Medieval and Early Modern Europe (ed. with Barbara Hanawalt; Univ. of Notre Dame Press, 2007); Reading in Medieval St. Gall (Cambridge UP, 2006); Consolatio Philologiae: Festschrift for Evelyn S. Firchow (Kümmerle, 2000); Annotated edition and translation of The Gall Tractate (with David Porter; Camden House, 1995).

Articles on: Eberhard Ludwig Gruber; Ekkehard IV; Notker's De rhetorica in 15th-century Bavaria; Notker and the ordo naturalis; Medieval Punctuation; Old High German accentuation; Text-Editing; New Philology; Medieval Education; the Abbey of St. Gall; Medieval Vernacular Reading and Writing; the Alemannic Minuscule; The Hildebrandslied; The morphology of Notker’s Texts.

Major courses taught: Medieval German Literature; History of German Language; German Culture to 1700; Middle High German; Old High German; Manuscript Studies; German Language, Past and Present; Court of Charlemagne; Intermediate and Advanced German Language.

Current Projects: St. Gall Rhetoric; The Eastern Franks and their Languages; language contact in the Middle Ages; Ekkehard IV of St. Gall; early medieval scholarly networks; Notker's Rhetorica; Notker’s ‘kleinere Schriften’.