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As a graduate student at Ohio State, you will be supported with tuition and fee authorizations, a living stipend, and a health insurance subsidy (details on the Funding page);

gain diverse teaching experiences in one of the largest Germanic departments in the country;

join a network of institutions in Europe with many opportunities for research and study abroad;

participate in a rich intellectual environment and have the opportunity to organize conferences and events.

The graduate track in German at the Ohio State University is among the oldest and most distinguished in the United States. In the most recent NRC ranking, our program was rated #1 for students, based on completion rates and financial aid, and #3 in diversity. Home to more than 15 faculty members, around 20 graduate students, over 40 undergraduate majors, and countless eminent visitors, from Ian Buruma to Christa Wolf, the graduate track in German offers students significant opportunities to engage in a thriving and diverse intellectual community.

OGSW conference at Ohio State

The Department hosts several conferences each year, drawing renowned speakers from around the globe to Columbus. And our faculty actively collaborate with living writers and artists as co-authors and translators. We are dedicated to preserving and expanding the role of the humanities in higher education and society more broadly by pursuing leading interdisciplinary and multicultural work in German Studies.

Our department offers coursework from the Middle Ages to the present, careful advising, and complete pedagogical training, including the option to conduct research in applied linguistics and gain ample teaching experience. Moreover, partnerships with the TU Dresden and Uni Bonn situate our students in an international network of leading Germanists, creating numerous opportunities for study and research abroad. As a result, our graduates complete innovative dissertations and are well trained for careers in German Studies or related professions. Thanks to the outstanding preparation of our students for the academic job market, the vast majority of our PhDs secure teaching and research positions at colleges and universities in the United States and Europe.

You will find a link to the current Graduate Program in German Handbook on this webpage.

Questions? Email the Academic Program Services Senior Specialist.


Scandinavian courses at the graduate level

Graduate-level coursework in Scandinavian Studies is offered:

  Questions? Email Professor Kaplan, Associate Professor and Director of Scandinavian Studies