Scandinavian 5150

Introduction to Old Norse-Icelandic

Professor Kaplan

This course is an intensive introduction to the grammar of the Old Norse-Icelandic language. Students will learn crucial morphology and prepare translations of excerpts from medieval Icelandic sagas and other texts. The diligent student will gain the skills to read normalized Old Norse texts of intermediate difficulty on their own with the aid of a dictionary.

This course complements Scandinavian 3350: Norse Mythology and Medieval Culture, Scandinavian 5251: The Icelandic Saga, and the Swedish language sequence beginning with Swedish 1101. It may also be of interest to students of Old English language and literature.

Text: Geir T. Zoëga, ed. A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic. University of Toronto Press, 2004.

Prerequisites: None. However, a working knowledge of Swedish, German, Old English or another Germanic language is extremely helpful. Familiarity with case languages such as Latin may also be useful. Students who have never studied any foreign language are advised to postpone enrollment in this course until they have done so.


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