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Minor in German

The Department welcomes students who are majoring in other departments and are also interested in completing a Minor Program in German.

More information for Prospective Students

Advising office in Hagerty Hall 355 (Phone: 614-292-8485)

For current German courses taught in English, check out our GEN webpage!

The German minor consists of 15 credit units beyond German 1103 and can be designed according to the student's particular interest. Students who wish to minor in German must also complete German 2101 (3 units), 2102 (3 units), and 9 units of Electives (of which one course taught in English is allowed). No more than 6 credit units can overlap between the GE and a minor. No more than 3 units of course work graded S/U may count toward the minor. A maximum of 6 units of transfer/EM credit is allowed.

If you intend to complete a Minor program in German, please contact our Undergraduate Studies Advisor in Hagerty Hall 355.

Minor in Scandinavian Studies

A minor in Scandinavian Studies consists of 15 units of coursework beyond Swedish 1103. In addition to three required courses, students choose two electives in consultation with the director of the Scandinavian Program:


  • Swedish 1101 (4 units), 1102 (4 units), 1103 (4 units)

Core Requirements

  • Swedish 2101 — Texts and Contexts: Contemporary Swedish Language, Culture, and Society (3 units)
  • Scandinavian 3350 — Norse Mythology and Medieval Culture (3 units) 
    GE Theme: Traditions, Cultures, & Transformations course. Taught in English!  (3 units)
  • Scandinavian 3354 — From Viking Saga to Climate Fiction: Nature in Nordic and Germanic Literatures
    GE THEME: Sustainability course. Taught in English!  (3 units)
  • Scandinavian 4250 — Masterpieces of Scandinavian Literature (3 units)


  • Swedish 2193 — Individual Studies
  • Scandinavian 5150 — Introduction to Old Norse-Icelandic (3 units)
  • Scandinavian 5251 — The Icelandic Saga (3 units)

Substitutions of courses may be possible in individual cases.

Contact Professor Merrill Kaplan for more information.

Minor in Yiddish

Yiddish and Ashkenazic Advising