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For any fiscal, procurement, PCard, travel and/or surplus (computer) related questions or concerns please contact Katie.  Please contact Katie before any purchases or commitment of funds has been completed.



As has been communicated, traveling is slowly re-opening and in order to minimize health risks, financial risks, and timing please review the below tips.

  1. Please contact Katie Kotol (kotol.1) before any travel plans have been made, as she will be able to help navigate the necessary requirements.  Nothing (including conference registration, lodging, airfare, car rental, etc.) should be purchased/expensed prior to talking with Katie. 
  1. Domestic Travel – Katie should be contacted at least four weeks before the desired departure date.
  2. International Travel – Katie should be contacted at least six weeks before the desired departure date.

NOTE: An International Acknowledgement of Understanding Form must be completed and attached to the Spend Authorization before submission.

  1. ONLY fully vaccinated individuals should consider travel.
  2. All CDC travel (Travel | CDC) guidelines should be followed. 
  3. The expectation is for, “Faculty and Staff to exercise prudent fiscal management when considering FY23  travel arrangements to determine whether in-person or virtual attendance will be most effective.”  The full statement can be found here.

NOTE: When choosing in-person attendance when a virtual component is offered will require a definitive reason within the travel business purpose. 

  1. International travel will be completely dependent upon the CDC and US Department of State guidelines. 

VERY IMPORTANT: Each country will have their own set of guidelines (including pre-travel COVID-19 testing, quarantine requirements, etc.).  Country-specific requirements can be viewed at COVID-19 Country Specific Information (state.gov).

  1. Katie will submit the Spend Authorization (previously known as Travel request or T#) within Workday.  The unit Fiscal Officer and the Unit Chair will need to approve every Spend Authorization. 

Please keep in mind the above is not an all-inclusive list and as we continue to navigate both the pandemic requirements and the Workday nuances there will be changes and a significant learning curve for each of us. 


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