Beginning Language Instruction

The Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures offers beginning language instruction in German and Swedish and Yiddish

All three levels of German are offered each semester and in the summer term. 

Language courses in Swedish and Yiddish are offered less frequently.

GERMAN -- Beginning Language Program GEL/GEN )
In-Person option: German 1101.01 / 1102.01 / 1103.01
 DL option: German 1101.02 / 1102.02 / 1103.02

Textbook Information

  1. First-semester German (1101.01)  OR
    First-semester German (1101.02 - DL Course)
    Impuls Deutsch 1 Online Bundle 

  2. Second-semester German (1102.01)  OR
    Second-semester German (1102.02 - DL Course)
    Impuls Deutsch 1 Online Bundle 

  3. Third-semester German (1103.01)  OR
    Third-semester German (1103.02 - DL Course)
    Impuls Deutsch 2 Online Bundle 


For more information about German Placement exams, contact the CLLC.

Students with credit for German 1103.xx may complete the GC language sequence by participating in our Dresden Study Abroad Program.