Undergraduate Studies


In the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures, students are offered a variety of academic options. They can pursue coursework in German language and culture: the major, and the minor. An interest in Swedish language and culture can lead to a Scandinavian Studies minor. The minor in Yiddish consists of 15 units of coursework beyond Yiddish 1103. Honors study is another option.

We have a wonderful community of learning where frequent film offerings, guest lectures, theater productions, and various workshops and reading groups complement the formal academic work.

For German majors who want an immersion experience, the Max Kade German House serves as a Living Learning Center for ten students and provides a very comfortable, informal setting for numerous extra-curricular activities, such as German Club, Kaffeestunde, discussion groups, conferences, and TV evenings. Opportunities to study abroad in German-speaking countries include a summer study tour to Dresden.

Scandinavian Studies minors can involve themselves in Icelandic Film Screenings and other events Nordic. In addition, you are invited to apply for the exchange program with the University of Uppsala in Sweden.

Students of Yiddish can plan a minor by pursuing coursework in the Yiddish Program and through the Melton Center for Jewish Studies, which offers 200 interdisciplinary courses. Students may apply to the summer program at the Vilnius Yiddish Institute in Lithuania. A variety of scholarships is also offered, such as the George and Emily Severinghaus Beck Fund Scholarship for Study at Vilnius Yiddish Institute.

Apart from our degree programs, the Department invites all undergraduates to make use of its offerings in the GE or as students in individually selected courses.

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