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Placements and Dissertation Titles

Our doctoral students are encouraged to broadly pursue their interests and explore German Studies in innovative ways, as evidenced by the titles of our Ph.D. dissertations.

Our rigorous graduate program and the supportive environment we've cultivated ensures that our graduate students develop outstanding research, teaching, and writing skills. Our graduates are prepared to begin their careers as independent thinkers and successful professionals.

If you're interested in learning more about recent and past Germanic Languages & Literatures graduate students' dissertation and thesis research, please click the following links to view more information on OhioLink Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Center


Placements, Dissertation and Thesis Titles


  • Kassi Burnett, PhD, Full Stack Web Developer at EverCommerce
  • Elisha Brooker, MA, Outreach and Recruitment Coordinator for the Chinese and Arabic Language Flagships within the Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies at Indiana University.
  • Bolin Ai, MA, Redakteur/Editor for Telc in Bad Homburg, Germany ( https://www.telc.net/ )
  • Fabia Weisser, MA, doctoral student at Princeton.
  • Haley Grubb, MA, continuing in our doctoral program here at Ohio State.
  • Budimka Uskokovic, PhD, Senior Lecturer and Director of Undergraduate German Language Instruction, The Ohio State University.
  • Jennifer Marston William, PhD, Professor and Head of the School of Languages and Cultures at Purdue University.
  • Wonneken Wanske, PhD, Pedagogical Counselor at at Cégep Heritage College, Canada.
  • Weijia Li, PhD, Clinical Professor, Director of Global Higher Education MS Program, University of Wisconsin – Madison.
  • Jaclyn Kurash, PhD, Teaching Associate Professor, Director of Grad Studies, and German Advisor, University of Pittsburgh.
  • William A. Baker, PhD, German Transcriber at Productive Playhouse, an International Language Services and Production company based in Los Angeles.
  • Budimka Uskokovic, PhD, Senior Lecturer, The Ohio State University.
  • Carolin Mueller, PhD, Research Fellow, Martin Buber Society of Fellows at the Hebrew University Jerusalem.
  • Kassi Burnett, PhD, Lecturer, The Ohio State University.
  • William A. Baker, PhD, German Instructor, University of Kentucky.
  • Carolin Mueller, PhD, wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin, Medienzentrum, TU Dresden.
  • Sarah K. Traylor, PhD, Lecturer, The Ohio State University.
  • Dennis Schäfer, MA, doctoral student at Princeton.
  • Simon Lösch, PhD, Senior Service Delivery Lead onsite @ Google at Vaco
  • Sara Rossini, PhD, Teacher at the Pädagogische Hochschule Bern, Switzerland.
  • Kristen Hetrick, PhD, Fellowship Advisor, NC State University.
  • Alex Holznienkemper, PhD, Lecturer, University of New Hampshire
  • Bethany Richetti, PhD, Lecturer, The Ohio State University


  • Wonneken Wanske, Assistant Professor, Rhodes College
  • Erol Boran, Associate Professor, University of Toronto
  • Sai Bhatawadekar, Associate Professor, University of Hawaii
  • Charles Vannette, Assistant Professor, University of New Hampshire
  • Jennifer William, Professor, Purdue University
  • Jaclyn Kurash, Lecturer, University of Pittsburgh
  • Wonneken Wanske, Visiting Assistant Professor, Rhodes College
  • Sylvia Fischer, Assistant Professor, University of West Florida
  • Alex Holznienkemper, Lecturer, Baylor University
  • Weijia Li, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin – Madison
  • Berit Jany, Instructor and Coordinator of the German language program, University of Colorado
  • Kristy Boney, Associate Professor, University of Central Missouri
  • Jennifer Magro Algarotti, Assistant Professor, George Mason University
  • Kristen Hetrick, Assistant Professor, Doane College
  • Thomas Stefaniuk, Assistant Professor, Florida Gulf Coast University
  • Jesse Wood, Visiting Assistant Professor, BYU-Idaho
  • Kevin Richards, Lecturer, The Ohio State University
  • Sara Luly, Assistant Professor, Kansas State University
  • Charles Vannette, Assistant Professor, Ferris State University
  • Nikhil Sathe, Associate Professor, Ohio University
  • Stephanie Libbon, Associate Professor, Kent State University
  • Weijia Li, Assistant Professor, Western Illinois University
  • Cynthia Chalupa, Associate Professor, West Virginia University
  • Sai Bhatawadekar, Assistant Professor, University of Hawaii
  • Andrea Payk-Heitmann, Lecturer, Freie Universität zu Berlin

Graduates who pursue a career outside of the academy currently work for the following organizations:

  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft Literarischer Gesellschaften und Gedenkstätten
  • Goethe-Institut Boston
  • Klett World Languages
  • PTI Global
  • Mountbatten Institute
  • Chemical Abstracts Services

Fabia Weisser (MA 2023), "Kollektenreisen – Selbstdarstellung in Eberhard Ludwig Grubers Kollektentagebuch"

Haley Grubb (MA 2023), "L1 Question Design in German Conversations-for-Learning: a conversation analytic approach"

Elisha Brooker (MA 2023), "Mixed Identities in the Far West: Questions of Coexistence in DEFA’s Indianerfilme"

Bolin Ai (MA 2023), "How Do Students Approach Language Learning Tasks: A Conversation Analytic Study of Beginning German Learners' Task-based Oral Interactions in the Classroom"

Caleb B. Davis (MA 2020), "Man stellt Denkmaler nicht auf den flachen Asphalt" - Nationalism and Narrative in Commemorative "Siegfried" Monuments in Weimar- and Nazi Germany

Dennis Schaefer (MA 2018), Modernity’s Pact with the Devil: Goethe’s Faust, Keller’s Romeo and Julia auf dem Dorfe, and Storm’s Der Schimmelreiter as Tales of Forgetting

Jarrod Shepherd (MA 2006), Translation of Culture in Emine Sevgi Özdamar's 'Das Leben ist eine Karawanserei'

Jennifer L. Magro-Algarotti (MA 2006), Missionary Writing in Cameroon, 1914-1948: Anna Rein-Wuhrmann and the Basel Mission

Niels Bohrmann (MA 2006), Canetti vs. Nietzsche: Zwei anthropologische Systeme im Vergleich

Sanjot A. Walawalkar (MA 2005), Retelling Histories: Magical Realism in Günter Grass’s Die Blechtrommel and Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children

Kirsten Harder (MA 2005), Dichten, Deuten, Denken. Die Stefan-George-Rezeption von Martin Heidegger, Hans-Georg Gadamer und Theodor W. Adorno

Susanne E. Erhardt (MA 2003) Teaching the Tales, Literature and Second Language Teaching: An Integrated Approach Employing Fairy Tales

Norman D. Hirschy (MA 2003) Denknotwendigkeiten:  History, Homosociality and the Contesting of Masculinity in Der Untertan and Die Verwirrungen des Zöglings Törless

Kent Broestl (MA 2002) Faith, The Sacraments and Providence in Elisabeth Langgässer’s Das Unauslöschliche Siegel

Samuel Jordan (MA 2002) The Semiotics of Soviet Yiddish: A Preliminary Study of a Visual System

Stephan F. Mayr (MA 2001) Martin Walsers Angst vor den Meinungssoldaten: Der lange Weg zur Friedenspreisrede

Magdalena Marie Stadtmann (MA 2001) Orientimaginationen in Else Lasker-Schülers ‘die Nächte Tino von Bagdads’ und ‘der Prinz von Theben’

Lijun Feng (MA 2001) Literatur als Therapie? eine historische und psychoanalytische Studie zu Goethes Briefroman ‘die leiden des jungen werther’ und Handkes Erzählung ‘wunschloses unglück’

Moises Mermelstein (MA 2000) Shloyme Braynski: His Colombian Work in Context

Draga Patricia Sanda (MA 2000) Wittgensteins Solipsismus und Sprachspiele. Direkte und indirekte Rezeption in der Literatur: Peter Handke ‘Kaspar’ und Günter Eich ‘Man bittet zu läuten’

Colleen H. McCallum (MA 2000) Black Ashkenaz: depictions of African-Americans in selected Yiddish Poetry

Yevgeniya Iosilevich (MA 1999) The Pigeon by Patrick Süskind and The Overcoat by Nikolai Gogol : the little man: from tragedy to alienation

Joseph W. Moser (MA 1999) The Portrayal of the Historic Lie of Austria being the First Victim of Hitler's Aggression in Josef Haslinger's "Politik der Gefühle" and Ruth Beckermann's "Unzugehörig Österreicher und Juden nach 1945"

Rachel J. Lindsay (MA 1999) Emancipatory Trends in Early GDR Literature by Women