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What our graduates say

Alum Alex Holznienkemper - Germanic Languages and Literatures at Ohio State

Alex Holznienkemper - University of New Hampshire

"My time at Ohio State was one of the most challenging yet fulfilling times of my life. The mix of academic rigor, excellent preparation in second language pedagogy, and the tremendous vibrancy of Columbus made for an overall amazing experience in getting my doctorate. While I came into the department with solid teaching experience under my belt, I nonetheless feel that my teaching skills really took off at Ohio State. I greatly appreciated the department's intellectual breadth and depth , which provided ample options for finding the right mentorship for writing my dissertation. On top of all that, the engagement with both the GGSA (Germanic Graduate Student Association) and the undergraduate German Club provided great opportunities for a more holistic engagement with the profession. Returning to campus is always a joy, and I certainly identify with the alma mater's line How firm thy friendship Ohio!"

Alum Berit Jany - Germanic Languages and Literatures at Ohio State

Berit Jany - University of Colorado Boulder

"The richness of graduate courses offered by the department and the second language studies interdisciplinary specialization program significantly shaped the direction of my research and teaching in and beyond graduate school. GLL faculty has been a great support in terms of developing research skills, securing scholarships and grants, and accessing professional and scholarly networks. The experience of teaching language courses, peer coordinating, and developing lower division content courses has become most instrumental in my current career as coordinator of the German undergraduate language program at UC Boulder."

Alum Weijia Li

  Weijia Li - University of Wisconsin-Madison

"I am forever indebted to the training and support I received from the professors and especially my dissertation advisor at the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures. I would not be where I am today without my amazing PhD journey filled with intellectual inspiration, challenges, and rewards, made possible by the entire departmental team. The department is not only an ideal space for academic pursuance, but also a culturally inclusive community cultivated by all the faculty, staff, and students.”

Alum Charlie Vanette - Germanic Languages and Literatures at Ohio State

Charlie Vannette - University of New Hampshire

"Graduate studies in German Languages and Literatures at Ohio State was excellent preparation for my academic career. The program’s strong focus on scholarship allowed me to succeed in my field, and my many hundreds of hours of teaching experience and training as a graduate student translated into success on the job market. I felt far better prepared to start my career as a university faculty member than almost any of my peers from other institutions. This fact became clear after I had left Ohio State and it speaks volumes about the quality of education provided by the department’s dedicated and engaged faculty. I’m lucky to have studied in Columbus and am grateful for my time at Ohio State."