Sample plans of study


Our students are required to complete four proseminars that provide a thorough knowledge of German Studies and a complete methodological toolset. These proseminars cover literary history, film, pedagogy, and cultural and intellectual history. Otherwise, students are free to pursue a course of study suited to their needs and interests.


Sample 5-Year Student Plan

Year 1:  three Introductory Proseminars;
             three Seminars
Year 2: one Introductory Proseminar;
             four Seminars;
             MA Assessment
Year 3: six Seminars
Year 4: one Seminar;
             PhD Candidacy Exam
*Optional Year: Study Abroad
Year 5: Doctoral Colloquium;
             Dissertation Defense


Sample 4-Year Student Plan
(for students entering with an M.A. in German Studies)

Year 1:   six Seminars
Year 2:   six Seminars
Year 3:   one Seminar;
               PhD Candidacy Exam
*Optional Year: Study Abroad
Year 4:   Doctoral Colloquium;
               Dissertation Defense