Sample plans of study


Our students are required to complete four proseminars that provide a thorough knowledge of German Studies and a complete methodological toolset. These proseminars cover literary history, film, pedagogy, and cultural and intellectual history. Students will then consult with their faculty advisor and the Director of Graduate Studies to plan and pursue a course of study suited to their needs and interests.


Sample 5-Year Student Plan

Year 1:  three Introductory Proseminars;
             three Seminars
Year 2: one Introductory Proseminar;
             four Seminars;
             MA Assessment
Year 3: six Seminars
Year 4: one Seminar;
             PhD Candidacy Exam
*Optional Year: Study Abroad
Year 5: Doctoral Colloquium;
             Dissertation Defense


Sample 4-Year Student Plan
(for students entering with an M.A. in German Studies)

Year 1:   six Seminars
Year 2:   six Seminars
Year 3:   one Seminar;
               PhD Candidacy Exam
*Optional Year: Study Abroad
Year 4:   Doctoral Colloquium;
               Dissertation Defense