Kevin A. Richards

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Kevin A. Richards

Assistant Teaching Professor / Outreach Coordinator

423 Hagerty Hall
1775 S. College Rd.
Columbus OH

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Areas of Expertise

  • German Genre and Culture Studies
  • Online Course Development
  • Language Learning Technology

MA, PhD (The Ohio State University)


My primary research interests lie in three areas: 1.) German genre and culture studies, 2.) online course design, and 3.) the application of technology in language learning. In examining genre like the fairy tale, science fiction, western, crime, etc., I investigate the adaptation and use of generic iconography and stereotypes into contextualized popular political and journalistic discourse. This research provides me insight into the material I teach and it also intersects with the General Education courses I design and teach online and are concerned with concepts of citizenship, justice, and diversity  in European, American, and global contexts. As part of the design work, I continually experiment with new technology and applications, in which I have developed a level of expertise and which has extended to projects that involve extended reality, artificial intelligence, and data visualization in language and culture learning. 

In addition, I coordinate our departmental outreach efforts to regional schools and more broadly throughout the state. We are consistently developing new ways to engage and support our undergrads and future buckeyes. Please feel free to contact me via email if you are interested in connecting your school or student with our department. 


Language Courses (DL, In-person, Hybrid): 

  • Elementary and Intermediate German
  • Individualized Instruction

General Education Courses (In-person, DL): 

  • The Grimms Fairy Tales and their Afterlives (Foundation: Literary)
  • German Science Fiction (Foundation: Literary)
  • The Holocaust in Literature and Film (Theme: Citizenship)
  • Hollywood: Exiles and Emigres (Foundation: Literary)

Courses in Development (In person, DL):  

  • Citizenship in the Age of Technology (Theme: Citizenship)
  • Virtual Reality in the Language Classroom (CLLC Course)