Financial Support


All of our graduate students receive competitive funding packages composed of teaching fellowships, tuition and fee waivers, and health insurance. These packages are offered for a minimum of five years (to students entering with a BA) or for four years (to students entering with a MA). In addition, students are eligible for summer funding, University Fellowships, Presidential Dissertation Fellowships, departmental Max Kade Dissertation Fellowships, and study abroad fellowships.

Teaching Associates in our department teach one introductory-level language class per semester and benefit from an extensive training and mentoring system. Experienced Teaching Associates may go on to work in the Individualized Instruction program.

The University Fellowship Competition is a prestigious first-year or multiple-year funding opportunity that carries no teaching duties; it is offered by the Graduate School of The Ohio State University. Applicants do not apply directly for the University Fellowship. Rather, the Graduate Studies Advisory Committee, which reviews applications, nominates outstanding candidates in order for them to be considered for this award by the Graduate School. If you hope for the opportunity to be nominated, the Graduate Studies Advisory Committee must have received your complete application no later than December 15th (this deadline is firm for all applicants).

The departmental Max Kade Dissertation Fellowship offers doctoral students a year free of teaching duties in order to concentrate more fully on their dissertations.

The competitive Presidential Dissertation Fellowship provides 12 consecutive months of support for students entering the final phase of their dissertation research.

The Department offers a study abroad fellowship at the Technische Universität Dresden.

Summer teaching opportunities are offered at our undergraduate study abroad program in Dresden, as well as at Ohio State.

For more information, please consult the Graduate Program Handbooks. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact the Academic Program Coordinator.