Alumni Photo Album 1940-1950s


Welcome to the album pages of alumni who studied and earned degrees in the Department of German at The Ohio State University from the 1940-1950's.

We hope you might have a photo or two you would like to have included in our Alumni Album. If so, please email the photo(s) in jpeg format to our Academic Program Coordinator. Include a description, date, and the name of the photographer.

G. Gillespie PhD 1961 in German at Ohio State

Gerald Ernest Paul Gillespie
MA 1958, PhD 1961
Dissertation: The Dramatic Works of Daniel Caspar von Lohenstein
Advisor: Prof. Naumann

Professor Emeritus of German Studies and Comparative Literature
Stanford University

I. Edse PhD 1960 in German at Ohio State

Ilsedore M. Edse   (1918-2015)
BA 1952, MA 1954, PhD 1960
Dissertation: Das Bild der Heimat bei einigen ostpreussischen Autoren seit der Jahrhundertwende
Advisor: Prof. Seidlin

Associate Professor Emerita of German
The Ohio State University

Alumnus Henry Kratz Jr Ohio State German Department

Henry Kratz, Jr.   (1922-2008)
MA 1946, PhD 1949
Dissertation: Über den Wortschatz der Erotik im Spätmittelhochdeutschen und Frühneuhochdeutschen

Professor Emeritus of Germanic philology and lexicography
University of Tennessee