Alumni Photo Album 1940-1950s

Welcome to the album pages of alumni who studied and earned degrees in the Department of German at The Ohio State University from the 1940-1950's.

We hope you might have a photo or two you would like to have included in our Alumni Album. If so, please email the photo(s) in jpeg format to our Academic Program Coordinator. Include a description, date, and the name of the photographer.


G. Gillespie PhD 1961 in German at Ohio State


Gerald Ernest Paul Gillespie
MA 1958, PhD 1961
Dissertation: The Dramatic Works of Daniel Caspar von Lohenstein

Professor Emeritus of German Studies and Comparative Literature
Stanford University


I. Edse PhD 1960 in German at Ohio State


Ilsedore M. Edse   (1918-2015)
BA 1952, MA 1954, PhD 1960
Dissertation: Das Bild der Heimat bei einigen ostpreussischen Autoren seit der Jahrhundertwende

Associate Professor Emerita of German
The Ohio State University


H. Kratz Jr PhD 1949 in German at Ohio State


Henry Kratz, Jr.   (1922-2008)
MA 1946, PhD 1949
Dissertation: Über den Wortschatz der Erotik im Spätmittelhochdeutschen und Frühneuhochdeutschen

Professor Emeritus of Germanic philology and lexicography
University of Tennessee