Alumni Photo Album 1980-1990s


Welcome to the album pages of alumni who studied and earned degrees in the Department of German/Germanic Languages and Literatures at Ohio State from the 1980-1990's.

We hope you might have a photo or two you would like to have included in our Alumni Album. If so, please email the photo(s) in jpeg format to our Academic Program Coordinator. Include a description, date, and the name of the photographer.

The Germanic faculty at Ohio State in Spring 1995

The Germanic faculty
in the Spring of 1995.


Karin A. Wurst
PhD 1985
Dissertation: Die Repräsentation der Familie in Lessings dramatischem Werk
Advisor: Prof. Schmidt

Professor of German at Michigan State University

P. Fellinger MA in German at Ohio State

Patricia Fellinger
MA 1995
Thesis: Bettine von Arnim and Karoline von G√ľnderrode: A Literary Friendship
Advisor: Prof. Becker-Cantarino

German Teacher in Upper Arlington City Schools
former AATG-Ohio President

Andy Spencer PhD 1992 in German at Ohio State

Andy Spencer
PhD 1992
Dissertation: Of Literature and Legend: German Writers and the Bombing of Dresden
Advisor: Prof. Fehervary

Oh my, those pasty blue-green cubicles in the TA offices at Cunz Hall!
And that's the old Larkins Hall through the window.

Barbara Mennel MA 1991 in German at Ohio State

Barbara Mennel
MA 1991

Associate Professor of German
University of Florida

Krista Cain MA 1986 in German at Ohio State

Krista Cain
MA 1986

Educator at the local Gymnasium near Stuttgart,
Germany, where she now resides.

Robert Schuette MA 1983 in German at Ohio State

Robert Schuette
MA 1983
Advisor: Prof. Charles W. Hoffmann