Subjectsort descending Course # Title Au Sp Su
GERMAN 8200 Seminar in Literature and Literary Culture      
GERMAN 8300 Seminar in Intellectual History and Cultural Studies      
GERMAN 8400 Seminar in Film, Visual Culture and the Performing Arts      
GERMAN 8600 Seminar in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics      
GERMAN 1101.01 German I      
GERMAN 1102.01 German II      
GERMAN 1103.01 German III      
GERMAN 1101.51 German I - Self-Paced      
GERMAN 1102.51 German II - Self-Paced      
GERMAN 1103.51 German III - Self-Paced      
GERMAN 2101 Texts and Contexts I: Contemporary German Language, Culture and Society      
GERMAN 2102 Texts and Contexts II: 20th-Century German Language, History and Culture      
GERMAN 2251 German Literature and Popular Culture      
GERMAN 2253 Magic, Murder and Mayhem      
GERMAN 2367 German Literature and American Culture      
GERMAN 3101 Texts and Contexts III: Historical Perspectives      
GERMAN 3200 Topics in German Literature, Art and Film      
GERMAN 3252 The Holocaust in German Literature and Film      
GERMAN 3300 Topics in German Culture Studies, Social and Intellectual History      
GERMAN 3351 Democracy, Fascism and German Culture      
GERMAN 4600 Senior Seminar in German: Linguistics/Language (German)      
GERMAN 4602 German for the Professions II      
GERMAN 6102 German for Research      
SCANDVN 5150 Old Norse      
SCANDVN 5151 Variable Topics in Scandinavian Studies      
SWEDISH 1102 Swedish II      
SWEDISH 2101 Texts and Contexts: Contemporary Swedish Language, Culture, and Society      
YIDDISH 2367 Jewish-American Voices in U.S. Literature      
YIDDISH 3371 Yiddish Literature in Translation      
YIDDISH 3399 Holocaust in Yiddish and Ashkenazic Literature and Film      
YIDDISH 4721 Studies in Yiddish Literature      
YIDDISH 7721 Studies in Yiddish Literature