Picture for algar.1

Geoffrey Algar

Picture for baker.1571

William Baker
Ph.D. Candidate / GTA

Picture for baldwin.190

Harrison Baldwin

Theresa Bauer

Theresa Bauer

Picture for becker-cantarino.1

Barbara Becker-Cantarino
Professor Emerita
  • German literary culture from 1600 - 20th c.
  • sexuality, gender and Romanticism
  • the construction & representation of gender


Matthew H. Birkhold
Assistant Professor
  • Law, culture, and the humanities
  • German literature, 1600-1900
  • Intellectual property

Picture for blackwell.4

Marilyn Johns Blackwell
Professor Emerita
  • 19th- & 20th-c. drama & prose;
  • Feminist criticism; Film.

Picture for breyer.4

Marcus Breyer
Ph.D. Candidate / Max Kade Fellow

Picture for burnett.126

Kassi Burnett

Picture for byram.4

Katra A. Byram
Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies
  • Narrative theory
  • Second-language teaching
  • Literature and culture, 19th century-present

Picture for corl.1

Kathryn A. Corl
Associate Professor Emerita
  • German Language & Culture
  • Second Language Acquisition
  • 2L Technology

Picture for davidson.92

John E. Davidson
  • Film aesthetics and history
  • German feature and avant-garde

Michelle C. Dixon

Michelle C. Dixon
Fiscal Associate
(614) 292-8223
  • P-Card; Procurement
  • T-Request; Travel arranging
  • Equipment; Surplus

Picture for fehervary.1

Helen Fehervary
Professor Emerita
  • 20th-century German literature
  • Comparative literature
  • Drama and Theatre

Picture for fischer.5

Bernd Fischer
  • German, Literature, Culture & Thought
  • National Imaginaries & Transculturality
  • German-Jewish Thought around 1800

Picture for frazier.254

Jeff Frazier
  • Beginning & Intermediate German Language Instruction
  • 20th c. German and Austrian History & Culture

Picture for frenzel.5

Kathrin Frenzel
Ph.D. Candidate / GTA

Picture for grotans.1

Anna A. Grotans
Associate Professor
  • Paleography
  • Germanic Philology
  • Medieval German Studies

Picture for haas.1

Werner Haas
Professor Emeritus
  • Austrian history
  • German language instruction
  • German language textbooks

Picture for hamblet.2

Monica Hamblet

Picture for heath.197

Allyn Heath

Picture for heck.17

Barbara A. Heck
  • German language and culture
  • German for the professions

Picture for holub.5

Robert C. Holub
Ohio Eminent Scholar, Professor, and Chair
  • Heine, Nietzsche, Habermas
  • 19th & 20th century literary and intellectual history

Picture for jacobs.8

Neil G. Jacobs
Professor Emeritus
  • Yiddish phonology & morphology
  • history of the Yiddish language
  • Yiddish linguistic geography

Picture for joyce.3

Steven Joyce
Associate Professor
  • Thomas Bernhard; G.B. Shaw;
  • Literary theory; Translation.

Picture for kaplan.103

Merrill Kaplan
Associate Professor and Director of the Scandinavian Program
  • Folklore on and off the Internet
  • Legend and folk belief
  • Old Norse-Icelandic literature

Picture for kindig.13

Madelyn (Maddie) Kindig
Fellow at the TUD

Picture for knowlton.32

Bryan Knowlton

Picture for kotol.1

Katie Kotol
Fiscal/HR Manager
(614) 292-9528
  • Employment Contracts; HR
  • Payroll; Fee Waivers
  • Departmental Budget

Picture for langner.9

Georg Langner

Picture for larson.348

Sarah Larson
Ph.D. Candidate / GTA

Picture for losch.8

Simon Losch
Ph.D. Candidate / GTA

Picture for malkmus.1

Bernhard Malkmus
Associate Professor
  • environmental humanities
  • life sciences and literature
  • theories of modernity

Picture for malkmus.2

Marie-Louise Malkmus
Senior Lecturer in GLL, English, and Comparative Studies
  • Autobiographical & Family Writing
  • Memory, Identity and Narrative
  • Photography and Text

Picture for martin.2479

Carly Martin
Ph.D. Candidate / GTA

Picture for mergenthaler.4

May Mergenthaler
Associate Professor & Director of Graduate Studies
  • Romanticism
  • Poetry (1750-present)
  • Literary theory

Picture for miller.3

David Neal Miller
Associate Professor and Yiddish Program Director
  • Narratology; Critical theory
  • Ashkenazic cultural studies
  • Yiddish literature

Picture for miller.521

Natascha Miller
Academic Program Coordinator, Web Editor
(614) 292-6985
  • Academic services
  • Dept. administrative operations
  • Scheduling, enrollment, grades

Picture for mueller.377

Carolin Mueller

Jason Owens

Jason Owens
Visiting Scholar

Picture for pietsch.8

Birte Pietsch

Picture for reitter.4

Paul Reitter
  • Modernist Journalism & Early Media Theory; Karl Kraus
  • Fin-de-Siecle Vienna
  • German-Jewish Culture

Picture for richards.113

Kevin A. Richards
Lecturer / Outreach Coordinator
  • Cognitive Cultural Studies
  • Gender and National Identity
  • German Science Fiction

Picture for richetti.2

Bethany A. Richetti
Ph.D. Candidate / GTA

Picture for riechel.1

Donald C. Riechel
Associate Professor
  • Goethe; 19th- & early 20th-c. literature
  • interrelations of literature & the visual arts
  • history of art

Picture for risko.1

Agi Riskó
  • Swedish language and culture

Picture for schaefer.346

Dennis Schaefer

Picture for spencer.4

Andy Spencer
Undergraduate Advising Coordinator
  • Study Abroad
  • Editor of Communications of the International Brecht Society

Picture for taleghani-nikazm.1

Carmen Taleghani-Nikazm
Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate German Language Instruction
  • Conversation Analysis (Grammar & social interaction)
  • Second language interactional competence
  • Applied Linguistics

Picture for taylor.48

Heimy F. Taylor
Professor Emerita
  • FL pedagogy
  • Computer-assisted instruction
  • Phonetics

Anna Tillhon

Anna Tillhon
DAAD Visiting Lecturer
  • German Language and Culture
  • Studying in Germany

G. Vitt

Gisela Vitt
Professor Emerita
  • Comparative Literature
  • European Romanticism
  • Stylistics

Picture for vredeveld.1

Harry Vredeveld
Professor Emeritus
  • Neo-Latin poetry in northern Europe during the 15th &16th c

Picture for walford.3

Stephanie Walford

Picture for wrobel.31

Gina Wrobel